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Great Grown-up Spelling Bee

Plans for the 2019 Great Grownup Spelling Bee are well underway. This year's event will happen on the evening of Thursday, April 25th at the Steele Street Hall, 115 South Steele Street in Ionia. Below is a flyer heralding the event and a spelling bee sponsorship so that you can put together your own team or find a sponsor for a team you have already put together.

The 2018 Great Grownup Spelling Bee was held on the evening of Thursday, April 19 at the Steele Street Hall located at 115 South Steele Street in Ionia. Entertainment was provided by Tim Heenan.

Spelling Bee sponsors included Peterson, Paletta, Balice, PLC; Michigan One Community Credit Union; Dave and Gwen O’Mara; Biggs, Dickinson and Roberts Wealth Management Services; Biggs, Hausserman, Thompson and Dickinson CPAs; and Tom and Tammy Dickinson.

The Master of Ceremonies was Dan Mitchell, our Word Pronouncer was Julie Milewski, and our judges were The Honorable Raymond P. Voet, The Honorable Robert Sykes, The Honorable Suzanne Kreeger, and State Representative Julie Calley.

Silent Auction donors were Colleen Lance, Caron Stetler, Janet and Dan Balice, Buzz Possehn, Bellamy Creek Correctional Building Trades, Toni Balice Buys, Kiley Rasch — VIP Salon, Hanulcik Fruit Farm, Horrocks Nursery, Scott Ralston & Julie Ackerson, Esther and Bill Durnwald, Billie and Mark Jennings, Lee Air Collectives, The Salted Cupcake, Sue Kessler, Kim and Tim Heenan, Marilyn and Joe Peckins, and Ionia Sparrow Hospital.

Our wonderful spellers were:

 1.  The REAL Fred Haights (Fred Haight Insurance Agency)

                        1          Nancy Haight

                        2          Robin Haight Robinson

                        3          Wendy Haight

2.  Live Local Realty

                        1          Kelly Leipprandt

                        2          Maria Blackmer

                        3          John Dinehart

3.  Ionia Community Theater

                        1          Katie Lytle

                        2          Heather Melchert

                        3          Paul Kiste

4.  #B Positive (Reeder Farms)

                        1          Maureen Reeder

                        2          Doris Tubergen

                        3          Sharon Page

5.  Portland Federal Credit Union

                        1          Linda Hill

                        2          Casey Womboldt

                        3          Lisa Miller

6.  Team Sugabees (Self-Sponsored)

                        1          Gale Yeomans

                        2          Sue Ludwick

                        3          Beth Krausz

7.  Sparrow Ionia Hospital

                        1          Ray Shippey

                        2          Terri Rowley

                        3          Sue Cook

8.  IB Eagles (Independent Bank)          

                        1          Kaye Weaver

                        2          Boomer Hoppough

                        3          Lisa Brown

9.  M1 Auto Correct (Michigan One Community Credit Union)

                        1          Melissa Blight

                        2          Alecia Hansbarger

                        3          Rebecca Pleune

10. Knights of Columbus #944

                        1          Adam Rewa

                        2          Chris Brown

                        3          Joyce Essich

11. Mercantile Bank of West Michigan

                        1          Edward Cody

                        2          Ann Martinez

                        3          Ashley Martinez

12. Verdun Family Funeral Home

                        1          Britney Dillon 

                        2          Stefanie Reed

                        3          Kelly Worden

13. Biggs, Hausserman, Thompson and Dickinson, CPAs

                        1          Tammy Dickinson

                        2          Judy Huynh

                        3          Chuk Gottschall

14. Rotary Club of Ionia

                        1          Dale Parus

                        2          Brian Talbot

                        3          Cristi Mackey

15. Astera Credit Union

                        1          Barb Gonzales

                        2          Lisa Morris

                        3          Danette Winans

16. Super Tutors (Peterson, Paletta, Balice, PLC )

                        1          Robin Marhofer

                        2          Cheri Deshaine

                        3          Robin Wahl

This year’s winner was Biggs, Hausserman, Thompson and Dickinson, CPAs. Way to go team!

From the archive:
The 2016 Great Grownup Spelling Bee was held at the Ionia High School on the evening of April 20. The winners of this year's Spelling Bee were:
The winners of this year's Spelling Bee were:
First Place - Biggs, Hausserman, Thompson, Dickinson
Second Place - M1 Auto Corrects
Third Place - Team Rotary
The Ionia Literacy Council would like to thank the following for contributing to the success of its 2016 Great Growup Spelling Bee.

Mercantile Bank of Michigan

Portland Federal Credit Union

Michigan One Community Credit Union

Rotary Club of Ionia

Independant Bank

Sozo's Coffee Roasting and Espresso Bar

Verdun's Family Funeral Home & Cremation Services

Michael Rockafellow

Live Local Realty

Jo Ann Carney & Rita Berens

The Geiger Family


Cheryl Foster - Ionia High School

The Farmer's Wife Catering

Lamplight Grill

Tim Reisbig - Wooden Stands

Chase-N-Tail Boarding Kennel

Lisa Hooker

Fraternal Order of Police - Lodge 157

Balice Sisters

The Talcott Family

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Judy Huynh, Tammy Dickinson, Chuk Gottschall (Biggs, Hausserman,Thompson, Dickinson Agency)

John Dinehart, Laurie Palmer, Ashleigh Walczak (Live Local Realty)

Walt Downes, Brian Talbot, Keith Hayden (Team Rotary - Rotary Club of Ionia)

David Riccius, Tim Peterson, Christina Frost (Sozo's Coffee Roasting & Expresso Bar)

Larissa Tauber, Christina Yates, Jackie Thebo (MI 1 Auto Corrects)

Lisa Brown, Jenny Dinehart, Kaye Weaver  (The Eagles - Independent Bank)

Daneena Anderson, Rachael Crissman, Maureen Meade (Merc-Bees - Mercantile Bank of Michigan)

Lynn Mason, William R. Coffey, Calvin Smith (Spell Casters - Ionia County Democratic Party)

Doris Tubergen, Sharon Page, Maureen Reeder (Ag Avengers- Tubergen Farms)

Patti Wilder, Linda Hill, Lindsey Leak (PFCU- Portland Federal Credit Union)

Dave O'Mara, Gwen O'Mara, Jill Simmons (Haight to Spell - Fred Haight Agency)

Jennifer Baker, Brittany Dillon, Jared Seigel (Souper Spelers - Verdun's Family Funeral Home and Cremation Service)

Adam Rewa, Jody Rewa, Chris Brown (SSPP - SS Peter and Paul)


Emcee- Daniel Mitchell

Pronouncer - John Milewski


Mitch Mercer                         Daniele Reisbig

Ed Cody                                 Cheri Meier

Darcie Meade                        Onnette Meier

Kevin Meade                         Sue McCoy

Thank you to everyone who attended the dinner and came to cheer on their favorite spelling team.   We appreciate all of your support for literacy in Ionia County.

Ionia County Literacy Council

301 West Main Street

Ionia, MI 48846